Big Track is comprised of 4 parcels of property. The main parcel is
2,885 acres, second parcel 423 acres (1.5 miles West from main), third parcel is 301 acres (.75 mile to the north) and a 15 acre shooting range just east of the main parcel.
The diverse habitat consists of planted pines, fresh cutover, and hardwood bottoms. Water is supplied by one main creek running through the center of the property with many feeder branches as well as three ponds, one 14 acre fishing lake, and a flooded swamp bottom. There are over 45 managed Club food plots, an off-season supplemental feeding & mineral program and more than 70 Club stands. There is a total of 2.42 miles of “main-line” power line in the center of the properties. Big Track has miles of maintained gated internal access roads, and a 100 yd. pistol/rifle range.

Image above: Main line runs thru center of main property for 1.7 miles and has 10 club maintained food plots and 9 club maintained club stands located on it. 

Club Swamp Food Plot, Club Box Blind

Hardwood Bottom

Creek Bottom

Five Year Cut Over

Club Fishing Lake, View From Dam

Club Fishing Lake, Fishing Dock

100yd Rifle/Pistol Range

Bullet Catchers


Club Double Ladder Overlooking Club Food Plot

14 Acre Corn Field, Three Club Stands Overlooking 

Club Texas Tower Overlooking Club Food Plot

All Major Interior Roads Are Marked