Membership Information

If you would like to learn more about Big Track, please email your
questions to:

2019-2020 Club Rules:
2019-2020 Annual Dues & Fees: SEE 2019 - 2020 Rules!!

Standard Membership: To become a perspective member....

Step 1:
 Read 2019-2020 Rules Carefully. Link listed above.
Step 2: Fill out the On-Line Application. Please make sure you click submit

Big Track On-Line Application: 
Click Here 

Step 3:
 Once complete, within 24 hours a board member will contact you via email to schedule a phone interview. After phone interview, your application will be submitted to the board of directors. Within 24 hours applicant will be informed of board of directors decision.

Step 4:
If applicant is approved, a invitation for a face
to face interview & property tour will be extended. Both will be
scheduled at same time on club property.

Step 5:
After interview and property tour concludes, you will be
notified within 24 hours if you have been approved by board. If
approved you will be extended an invitation via email. If you chose to become a member, a  "$400 deposit check" or "payment
in full" is required to guarantee your membership before you leave property. See article #15 on club rules for complete payment
information (link above). 
***Deposit will be credited toward remaining dues balance.

Waiting List Applicants: Steps to gain a spot on our 2020-2021
waiting list.

Steps 1-3: Same as standard membership.

Step 4: If approved by board and you wish to be placed on our 2020-2021 waiting list, all we require is a hand shake. Your name will then be placed in order as received. Once a position becomes available you will be contacted and a deposit of $400.00 must be received within 5 business days. If it is not received, next person on waiting list will be given that position and your name will be dropped from the list. See article #15 on club rules for complete payment information (link above). ***Deposit will be credited toward remaining dues balance.