BT is managed by a 5 man board of directors drawn from the Club’s membership.  They are all Volunteers who work to make certain that Big Track maintains its reputation as a year-round FUN place to kick- back, un-wind, enjoy the woods and pursue “Fair Chase” Trophy Deer and Wild Turkey. This vision is maintained by fair & balanced bylaws that govern the “entire” membership. Each rule is strictly enforced by the Board of Directors with absolutely no exceptions. In other words, entire membership including Board of Directors adhere to the same rules!!!!

QDM management is based on clearly written rules that are strictly enforced. Harvest rules are set based on annual input from a biologist. Our program has allowed club to maintain a 1.7 to 1 (doe to buck) ratio. The First Trophy Buck taken per membership must score at least 100 Boone & Crockett (BC) inches (gross/green score), and must meet the Talbot Co. minimum of at least 4 points on one side. The 2nd Trophy Buck taken per membership or individual hunter (whether hunting on a Regular or Corporate membership) must meet the Talbot Co. minimum of 4 points on one side, and score 120 BC inches (gross/green) or better. Complete harvest & club rules can be viewed in the “Membership Info” section.

 Buck and doe harvest are equally recorded for total herd management. Harvest records include buck B&C scores, weights, total health, and age. Jaw bone is removed from each harvest and, at season end, each are turned into a biologist for accurate ageing. Board uses this data to determine if any changes need to be made to harvest rules.

Supplemental Nutrition:

Food Plots: Big Track manages over 45 club food plots. Club food plot plantings include oats, Winter wheat, Durana® clover, Austrian winter peas, corn and soy. 90% of our club food plots have maintained box ground blinds, chain on type, ladder, or tower stands over looking them. All club stands are available for “all” members to hunt on a first-come, first- served basis. A new member can hunt a well managed food plot on their first hunt.

Supplemental Feed, Mineral & Attractant Program: Big Track maintains 10 shed covered trough feeders and 10 established mineral 
stations. Feeders are kept filled until Christmas and re-activated after season ends. 2015 program is scheduled to place approximately 25,500lbs of supplemental milled feed and 15,000lbs of fall attractant supplied by our friend Justin Strickland of Strickland Brothers Farm located in Pine Mountain, Georgia. Their blend of milled feed exceeds the nutritional requirements needed by whitetail deer for health, weight, and antler growth and the deer LOVE it!!. Since switching to Strickland Brothers Farm feed in 2014, we have seen a daily consumption rate increase of 411.8%. Check them out on Facebook! Click Here

Buck Being Scored:  

Lake Management:
Winter Stock of 6000 Bream and 6000 Flat Head Minnows

Shed Feeder: