Where it all started! Frank's 1988 Buck-A-Rama® Recruitment Booth


        Frank Pritchard established Big Track in 1988 for the sole reason of harvesting the best possible bucks the area and existing genetics will allow.          


From the beginning, Franks vision was to establish an infrastructure of club stands, food plots, and fair & balanced bylaws that permit “new” and existing members to have equal hunting access to all available terrain types. Frank’s foundation has allowed the club to maintain an environment for all members to enjoy!

e miss Frank and will always remember his "vice-grip" hand shake, sound leadership, work ethics and his love of the outdoors. He didn't talk fast and he didn't talk often but when he did you listened because he said a lot. 

As a memorial to Frank, we have posted the 1994 GON article written about his 196” 22pnt Non-Typical Record Book Buck harvested in Jasper County Georgia in 1968. Click Here
Large file, will take a few moments to open.

Big Track would like to thank Georgia Outdoor News for extending the
rights to post this article.